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Privacy Policy
(Last Updated 06/04/2020)

 In using our website and service, you will be giving us some pieces of your personal information. We (the company Sleepless Words), our webhost, our payment processor, and our advertisers will all have access to various pieces of information about you. Our overall goal is to use only that information that is necessary to provide you with the service you want, and not access or keep any other personal information for any other purpose.

Information we collect, and how we use it
We collect and have access to four types of information: Contact information, Payment information, Computer information, and Session information.

Contact Information
 This information includes your name, email address, phone number, and Skype or similar program identity. We obtain this information when you fill out our online session signup form. This information is used only for the purpose of setting up and conducting Listening sessions. We do not sell, transfer, or give this information to any other entity. We retain this information only as needed for future appointments, and as required for tax and other regulatory requirements. 

Payment Information
 To use our service, you will be required to pay for each session in advance. We use a payment proccessor who will collect your payment. All financial information that you supply in that transaction is collected and retained by the payment provider only. We (the company Sleepless Words) do not collect or have any access to that information except for the amount paid and your name to confirm your payment. Please view the payment provider's privacy policy for what information they collect and how they use it.

Computer Information
By accessing our website, certain pieces of information are visible  to our webhost and our company. These include your IP address and any tracking cookies from other websites on your device. Cookies are text files placed on your computer to collect standard internet log information and visitor behavior information. Our company and webhost do not use tracking cookies or any other cookies. We do retain IP address information for website metrics: how many visitors to our website, what pages were viewed, and similar metrics. We do not use your IP address to identify you. We do not sell, give away, or transfer your IP information to any other entity, except for the following, If either we or our webhost detect any attempts to circumvent standard internet protocols ("hacking" attempts), we will retain all available information about your device as needed to identify you to legal authorities and defend 
ourselves from any such hacking attempt. We will turn this information over to any group or agency we see fit to help others defend against similar hacking attempts.

Session Information
 Our service consists of half hour to hour long phone or similar verbal conversations between you and one of our Counselors. The content of these conversations are held in the strictest confidence, and will not be disclosed to anyone or any entity, with the following exceptions:
 1) If the Counselor deems you to be an immediate physical threat to yourself or anyone else, we will contact whatever authority we see fit to properly legally stop the threat from being carried out. We are not legally obligated to this action, but will use this action at our discretion. 
 2) If a Counselor becomes unsure of the legality or threat nature of your conversation, the Listener is empowered to record the conversation for further review by staff and, if deemed neccessary, any outside agency to verify if any action is required to properly legally deal with the information in the conversation.
 In summary, your conversation is kept confidential and not discussed with anyone else, unless your conversation contains information that shows a threat or danger to anyone. 

Other entities collecting your information
 Our service involves verbal conversations between you and our Listeners, by means of either a computer based program (Skype, etc) or a telephone (landline, cell phone, VOIP, etc). We do not have any control, influence, or access to the information these programs and entities collect from you or us. You will need to seek out those entity's privacy policies to determine what they do with that information. 

External Websites and Links
 Every website that is linked to via buttons or icons on this website are subject to their own privacy policy. Once you leave our website, we have no authority, influence, or responsibility for those website's data collection and privacy practices. 

Law Enforcement Requests
 If legally requested by any law enforcement agency, we may be required to hand over any and all information that we have about you. This overrides all other information retention and release processes posted in this privacy policy.

How you can remove your information
 Information you provide to us can be removed at your discretion. This information includes: name, phone number, Skype or similar ID number. This information does not include: payment information retained by the payment provider, any information retained by us in response to any attempt on your part to "hack" our systems, and any information stated to us that we deem to be a threat to anyone. Information that is removed automatically includes: the information and content of any conversation with one of our Listeners, except as stated above. To remove your information, simply contact us with the information you want removed. We will confirm with you the removal request, then remove that information from our systems. To update or change any of your information, please follow the procedure listed above.

Encryption in use for this website
 All data on this website is retained using industry standard encryption to secure your and our data. However, once quantum computers are out in the wild, all bets are off. 

Future changes to the privacy policy
 We may, from time to time, update our privacy policy. The date of the latest update will be posted at the top of this privacy policy. 

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